"It is said that women in labour leave their bodies...they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together."

There is already a lot of confusion around pregnancy and the birthing process. Let me help you find your path, empower your voice, and work toward the birth that you dream of. We currently are offering Placenta Encapsulation with more to come in the future.
I am a DONA trained Doula with a over 100 births under my belt. I have lots of names that I go by but the most important one to me is Mom. That title is what inspired the name “Mother Moon Births”. Being a Mother is a part of my soul. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a “Mommy”. Now, with two beautiful daughters and three beautiful angels I achieved that dream. 

My next “Mommy” mission is to become a Midwife. A whole new level of “Mother”. I am currently a student midwife who started training in Dallas, Tx and will continue and finish at the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery.
Being a Doula and a future midwife isn’t about the babies. (Although they ARE super cute!); Its about the Mothers. It’s seeing the timid and scared become fierce and strong, seeing the unsure become confident, seeing the quiet ones questioning and taking control. It’s all about the moms who see births on TV and say “I can’t do that” and then during labor say “I CAN!”. YOU CAN DO IT! This was my dream and is now my reality. 

Being a mother during a woman’s most intimate and sacred time in her life. Helping her reach the stars and bring her baby down to earth. Life is all about being a mother. From trying to conceive, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, parenthood and loss.

Birth Services

As your Doula, I Provide:

Physical and Emotional Support

I am trained to provide continuous physical and emotional labor support for you and your partner. I make use of herbal oils, massage, counter pressure, heat, cold, positioning, and rebozo support. I also have training in breastfeeding support for after the birth.

Free Consultation:

Join me for a relaxed informational session at a convenient location and time to discuss what I can do for you. This will be our time to get to know eachother and see if we are a good match. I will bring along a welcome packet with helpful information you can review at your leisure. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about having a birth doula. Meeting for a consultation does not obligate you in any way.

Phone & Email Support:

I am available during regular business hours from the time we sign a service agreement to talk by phone or answer emails. I’m happy to answer questions you may have about your upcoming birth and provide advice and support. I consider myself “on-call” for your birth from the time you sign your contract and am available 24/7 for anything you may need related to your labor until your little one is safe and sound in your arms. Unlike most doulas, I am on call for the entire duration of our contract so I do not miss a birth if your baby comes early.

Two Prenatal Sessions:

Typically I will come to your home for two prenatal sessions, typically at week 34 and 36. In the first meeting, we spend some more time getting to know one another, go over birthing choices, and formulate a birth plan. I will also review some Rebozo techniques that can be helpful towards the end of your pregnancy. In the second meeting, we finalize the birth plan and review comfort measures for labor and birth.

During Labor:

I provide telepone support and guidance in the early stages of labor. Once active labor has begun and you are ready for more direct support, I will join you at your home or other birthing site and will stay throughout the birth.

Baby’s First Feeding Support:

Once the birth is complete, I will stay until you and your expanded family are settled and ready for some alone time. I am a trained breastfeeding counselor and I can help with baby’s first feeding, including positioning and latch. I also offer advanced support in the event of a cesarean birth.

Postpartum Follow-up Visit:

I will come for a visit during the baby’s first week. We can talk about the birth, and I will help answer questions and provide advice and support regarding care. I can also provide guidance regarding babywearing, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.

As Your Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform Any Clinical Tasks

I am not a medical professional, and as such, am unable to perform any medical tasks for you or your baby. This includes blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, and cervical checks.

Make Decisions for You

It is my job to support you in your decisions, not make them for you. I can provide information regarding evidence based practices to help inform your decisions, and am happy to discuss your options, but ultimately, you will be making the decisions for your body and baby.


Placenta Encapsulation

Consuming the placenta has been known to:

     ◦ Increase in milk supply for breastfeeding

     ◦ Reduce the risk of Postpartum Depression

     ◦ Restoration of iron levels in the blood

     ◦ Reduce postpartum bleeding

     ◦ Balance out your hormones

     ◦ Increase in energy

     ◦ Be beneficial during menopause

I really love this link if you are looking for more research about encapsulation!


We offer two different methods of Encapsulation:

High-potency Encapsulation (Recommended)

     The High-Potency Method involves drying the raw placenta at a low temperature, keeping a high level of the hormones and nutrients, and leaving the enzymes intact.  These placenta pills are known to have more of a “kick”– they contain a higher hormone content than the traditional pills.  Mothers often report experiencing a large energy boost when taking them.  These can be taken in a smaller dosage, one in the morning and an optional dose in the afternoon or as needed. This method produces more pills and is taken at a smaller dosage, allowing you to enjoy the benefits over a longer period of time.

TCM Encapsulation

     Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the TCM Method involves steaming the placenta, dehydrating it at a low temperature for several hours, then grinding it into powder form and putting the powder into capsules. TCM placenta pills offer a steady dose of hormones and nutrients.  It is often taken as a high dose the first week, and then steadily decreased over the next couple weeks as your hormones balance.  While we recommend the high-potency encapsulation, we continue to provide TCM encapsulation to mothers who value the original methodology, though it will produce fewer pills which need to be taken more frequently to achieve the same effect.

Other placenta services offered include:

          Placenta smoothie–If you’re up for it, a smoothie is a great way to take advantage of the placenta’s benefits at the time of birth.  When I come to pick up your placenta I can cut off a small chunk of the placenta and make a delicious frozen fruit smoothie in your room for you.  You will not taste the placenta in it.

          Placenta tincture–A tincture is a great way to extend the life of your placenta remedy.  The tincture is a small bottle containing a piece of the placenta in vodka, which is left to ferment for at least six weeks.  After that the mother can take it during times of transition or stress, returning menstrual cycles, and menopause.  The tincture can also be used by the biological mother and daughters of the birthing mother, and by the baby. Specific dosage instructions are included upon delivery.

 What you get:

        $225 – 100 – 200 pills depending on size of placenta

       FREE – Keepsake umbilical cord

        $15 – Tincture 

        $15 – Placenta print 

     ◦   $25 – Placenta keepsake necklace 

     ◦   $15 – flavored capsules (The flavored capsules can really help with the aftertaste if that is something that you’ve noticed when taking other supplements and since they’re opaque, they disguise the contents if you’re concerned about seeing the placenta powder.) * 3 WEEKS NOTICE RECOMMENDED TO ENSURE WE HAVE YOUR FLAVOR IN STOCK

    • Berry (Purple capsules berry flavored size 0)
    • Strawberry (Red capsules strawberry berry flavored size 0)
    • Mint (Green capsules mint flavored size 0)
    • Rainbow FunCaps (Combines five fruit flavored gelatin capsules into one product. It’s a party of colors and fruit flavors, including dark purple berry flavored gel caps, bright purple grape gel caps, light green lime gel caps, orange-colored orange gel caps and red strawberry gel caps. Please note: FunCaps include animal shapes printed on the capsules)

*artwork may vary, please ask if you’d like something specific added.

*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose or treat any disorder

For Placenta Encapsulation services, please download the PDF below and read it thoroughly. Then, fill out this intake form and I will contact you shortly!

Click Here for Placenta Contract



        Hello!!! Im Jordana which no one can ever pronounce so you can call me Jordi. You can usually find me in my office in leggings or a comfy sun dress working, otherwise I am wrangling my two crazy girls Korralyn (Korra, Luna, Chicken, Crazy girl..) and Emmalyn (Emma, Star, Duck, Child who never sleeps…). We are currently located in Florida’s Treasure Coast!

        Throughout my pregnancy with my first daughter Korra I spent COUNTLESS hours researching everything “Pregnancy and Baby” in order to ensure that my pregnancy and delivery was not only the most ideal but the safest for me and my unborn baby. During my research I discovered how oblivious I was to the many options regarding childbirth that was available. I also was amazed at the amount of information that was not shared by my original physician regarding natural birthing options.  After much contemplation, I decided that the best option for me was to do everything I could to have an all-natural delivery. I specifically remember being told that “I wouldn’t get any special awards for a natural birth”.  Plans changed due to a lack of knowledge of how intense braxton-hicks contractions could be and I was ‘induced’ with pitocin at 36 weeks and had my healthy little girl. All 4lbs 8oz of her. Even though I (narrowly) avoided all  pain medication, it still wasn’t the birth I had wanted.

        Now after having a home birth with my second daughter Emma, my experience was 150% different and I finally had my ideal birth that I was dreaming about. Time has passed since then and after giving away my successful doula business to a fellow doula friend, I formed my new business ‘Mother Moon Birth Services’ with the mission to help educate other expecting mothers on their available options and eliminate some of the stress caused by preparing for a baby.  I am also on a mission to serve all mothers and to make their experience with pregnancy and motherhood amazing.  I understand that natural birth may not be an option for you and that the journey of cultivating life is individual and sacred to all women.  It is my goal to guide you through whatever YOUR path may be.

        I am currently a Student Midwife and am always continuing my education and following my passion to help women and families. I went through certification with DONA as a birth doula.  I am up to date on my Neonatal Resuscitation certification, CPR for Providers Certification, as well as OSCHA and SafeServe. 


Contact us to schedule your placenta encapsulation, ask a question, or share a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Jordana Denn

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