Hello!!! Im Jordana which no one can ever pronounce so you can call me Jordi. You can usually find me in my office in leggings or a comfy sun dress working, otherwise I am wrangling my two crazy girls Korralyn (Korra, Luna, Chicken, Crazy girl..) and Emmalyn (Emma, Star, Duck, Child who never sleeps…). We are currently located in Florida’s Treasure Coast!

        Throughout my pregnancy with my first daughter Korra I spent COUNTLESS hours researching everything “Pregnancy and Baby” in order to ensure that my pregnancy and delivery was not only the most ideal but the safest for me and my unborn baby. During my research I discovered how oblivious I was to the many options regarding childbirth that was available. I also was amazed at the amount of information that was not shared by my original physician regarding natural birthing options.  After much contemplation, I decided that the best option for me was to do everything I could to have an all-natural delivery. I specifically remember being told that “I wouldn’t get any special awards for a natural birth”.  Plans changed due to a lack of knowledge of how intense braxton-hicks contractions could be and I was ‘induced’ with pitocin at 36 weeks and had my healthy little girl. All 4lbs 8oz of her. Even though I (narrowly) avoided all  pain medication, it still wasn’t the birth I had wanted.

        Now after having a home birth with my second daughter Emma, my experience was 150% different and I finally had my ideal birth that I was dreaming about. Time has passed since then and after giving away my successful doula business to a fellow doula friend, I formed my new business ‘Mother Moon Birth Services’ with the mission to help educate other expecting mothers on their available options and eliminate some of the stress caused by preparing for a baby.  I am also on a mission to serve all mothers and to make their experience with pregnancy and motherhood amazing.  I understand that natural birth may not be an option for you and that the journey of cultivating life is individual and sacred to all women.  It is my goal to guide you through whatever YOUR path may be.

        I am currently a Student Midwife and am always continuing my education and following my passion to help women and families. I went through certification with DONA as a birth doula.  I am up to date on my Neonatal Resuscitation certification, CPR for Providers Certification, as well as OSCHA and SafeServe.